Professional Service

Experience highly reliable, fast networks, top-notch services,
and the state-of-the art data center technologies.

Delivering reliable services in addition to evolving
equipment standards and technical requirements

With 20 years of on-site experiences and top priorities on customer satisfaction,
we have led the Korean domestic DC market with the
state-of-the-art physical security, power supply, and system integration.

Experience our 'Intelligent Customer Portal Service' and 'Smart Hands Service' designed for the satisfaction of our customers.

We proudly present a complete solution that offers DC operation,
network configuration, system integration and connectivity optimized to the Korean business environment.

Enjoy the professional customized service for
both support & management in SEOUL#3

01SEOUL#3 Service Consulting

Korea's best DC experts on hand to meet your needs.

  • Bilingual (English/Korean) communications via phone, email and face-to-face
  • New consulting service that tailors to your business goals
  • Consulting on upgrade, expansion and additional services (AM in charge)

02SEOUL#3 Pre-sales Consulting

We provide technical consulting services best fit for SEOUL#3.

  • Bilingual (English/Korean) communications via phone, email and face-to-face
  • Plans to build a new set of infrastructure
  • Infrastructure planning for large-scale/multi-site deployments
  • Infrastructure planning for global deployment
  • Migration support

03Intelligent Customer Portal for quick, accurate and customized reporting services

Our customer support system allows you to easily check your service and
operational status and immediately make requests for desired services.


    • Integrated infrastructure monitoring

      • DCIM and automatic Control System
    • Network monitoring

      • TMAS traffic service analysis
    • Network and infrastructure resources management

      • Resources Management Database
      • Real-time update in sync with monitoring
  • Analysis

    • Integrated monitoring

      • Infrastructure + Network
    • IDC integrated analysis

      • Big Data, Integrated Data Analysis
      • Center Integration Status Analysis
    • Energy optimization

    • Resources (infrastructure, network) optimization

    • Service traffic analysis (L2~L7)

  • Customer Portal

    • Customer information and work request portal

    • Register/change/manage customer services

    • Remote Hands Management Service

    • Dashboard Service by customer

      • Traffic, power, temperature and humidity monitoring
      • Tailor made customer requirement for additional monitoring and analyzing
    • Data search service

      • Open API and AI based interactive service

04Smart Hands Service
operates from anywhere
in the world

We provide full-scale, on-site technical support
services to help our customers focus on their
core businesses

※ 24/7 support available anytime, anywhere

smart hands Category, Description
Category Description
Work Hours
  • Troubleshooting : Control Center and Customer Portal on alert 24/7
  • Technical Support : 9 to 6 (KR Local Time)
Supported Languages English, Korean
Tech Service
  • Remote management
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
Misc. Services
  • Cabling
  • Logistics Support
Response Time 3 Days normally (emergency support available)

Service Characteristics

  • Professional TeamKorea's finest engineers provide technical support for your services.

  • Customer PortalOur Portal allows you to check the present status of your assets and add services from anywhere in the world, in real time.

  • Smart HandsExperience the most economical and effective on-site operation.

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Technical Leadership

Next B System for Intelligent Customer Portal

Our Next B platform collects a full range of IDC data based on the DCIM/TMAS system.
It provides tailor-made reports by handling various data, including traffic, power, operation/control status, and
customer service status with the use of big data-based AI.

  • IDC

    Data Center

  • Next B

    Default Services

    • DCIM
    • TMAS
    • Operation/Control
    • Integrated Collection
    • Analysis

    Virtual management center based on big data analysis

    Customer Report

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