Managed Service

Our professionals can propose strategies to meet
your budget and schedule requirements

We strive to solve your data center challenges with the best solutions.

01CDN Service

We deliver your contents in a fast and secure manner.

SEOUL#3 provides CDN Services that are optimized to distribute customer contents.

Our proprietary Cache Platform allows us to provide optimal transmission speeds and top-notch security solutions at reasonable prices. We also provide an optimized OVP solution that is compatible with any device types and browser environment.

02Managed Hosting

Quick scalability with no burdens on initial investment.

Reduced initial cost for equipment/infrastructure investments and software licenses for services.
Quick scalability with no significant CAPEX burdens and simplified equipment supplier management to allow our customers to benefit from special licensing programs of customer preferred suppliers.

03Managed Security Service

We propose management strategies that meet your security goals and budget

We propose anti-DDoS scheme, Managed Firewall Service, security solutions etc.
for SEOUL#3 customers in a way to meet their goals and budget as well as schedule requirements,
and also build and manage the systems on their behalf.

  • Anti-DDoS scheme
  • Managed Firewall Service
  • Security Solutions
  • Build and Manage

04Private/Public Cloud Service

SEOUL#3 offers interconnections with private cloud service.

The reliable IT service of SEOUL#3 allows you to build a flexible and quickly scalable hybrid environment by promoting availability and eliminating wastes through the cloud service.

Let our consultants propose the optimal environment for you.

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