Connectivity Service

With Seoul's largest MMR, We guarantee advanced
network diversity, and ensure smooth networking with
major PoPs and other DCs. We respond to our customers'
various connectivity needs.

The Connectivity Service of SEOUL#3 will take your worries away.

You may have experienced the outdated facilities & equipment, unreliable networks
and inconsistent services from other DCs in Korea.The digital era is shifting data towards cloud services.

We can help you to conect to multiple cloud partners in one location.

There are various strengths of Connectivity service for SEOUL#3

  • Easy management no matter where you are in the world.

  • Direct, secure transmission of sensitive data without going through the public network.

  • You may have any networks to direct
    incoming traffic into your service.
    Greater Flexibility.

  • Experience the QoS of professional engineers proven through our 20+ years of various customer experiences.

  • Experience a powerful report function
    with easy access to multiple cloud partners.
    Accessable through mobile devices too.

The world class connectivity service for global IT business

  • 01Carrier Neutral

    SEOUL#3 is the largest single Carrier Neutral Data Center in Seoul.

    Experience world class flexibility in network policy and varieties of connectivity services in Seoul.

  • 02Cross Connect

    Cross Connect is a point-to-point cable link between two customers located in SEOUL#3.

    Cross Connect allows you to obtain a fast, convenient integration with business partners and service providers within the ecosystem of SEOUL#3 at reasonable prices.

    In addition, the Seoul’s largest MMR system offers highly reliable, speedy communications, system integration and data exchange.

  • 03Cloud Exchange

    Cloud Exchange allows you to get direct connection with SEOUL#3 DC and major global cloud service providers.

    Experience a direct network connectivity with global cloud service providers to promote your business efficiency.

  • 04Metro Connect

    Metro Connect provides fiber optic network links between SEOUL#3 and other DCs.

    Metro Connect allows you to make quick, convenient connections with customers in SEOUL#3, other DC partners, or service providers at affordable rates.

Take a quick look

Technical Leadership

  • Diversifications

    • - 4 different diversified fiber routes
    • - 4 different manholes to connect
    • - 4 different inlets to MMR

  • Meet-Me-Room

    • - 2 MMRs with 2 separate data halls
    • - Located at the center floors(6F)
    • - Carrier neutral MMR
  • Connectivity
    with Clouds

    • - Direct connection with AWS, MS Azure , Softlayer, Oracle, Google, N Cloud, Ali Cloud, etc

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