SEOUL#3 Facilities

Let us introduce the state-of-the-art equipment and systems
of SEOUL#3 DC whose focus is to meet various customer
needs and to ensure reliability.

State-of-the-art equipment and systems of SEOUL#3 DC
designed to meet customer's various needs
and to ensure reliability

Experience the world's best DC integrated analysis
solutions thanks to our systems that are reliably and
conveniently accessible anytime, anywhere.

  1. Total IT power : 46MW

    Total Building Power : 80MW

  2. Each Data Hall : 1.76MW to 3.53MW (Total 17 Data halls)

    High Density to low density

  3. Power per Rack : 4kW to 20kW

    Numbers of rack at each data hall are flexible

  4. UPS is located right next to Data hall at each floor

  5. Average PUE target : 1.3

  6. Two diversified inlets from power substation

  • Site Area


  • Building Area

    4,938 ㎡

  • Gross Floor Area

    69,300 ㎡

  • Building Height

    60m(10F, B5F)

  • Floor Height


The "NEXT B" Platform performs the AI monitoring, operation and control of SEOUL#3 DC

  • Next B platform is an integrated platform composed largely of three component systems of DCIM + TMAS + Next B
  • DCIM : manages the entire range of infrastructure equipment, including electrical/mechanical equipment and automatic control system
  • TMAS : monitors and controls the network, combining NMS + packet analysis + service performance analysis in an integrated manner
  • Next B : integrated analysis big data platform designed to collect/manage/analyze the DCIM and TMAS data

Next B

  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Big Data Analysis Environment
  • Service Development Environment
  • Operation/Control Service
  • Customer/Business Service
    • Dashboard (Customer Portal)
    • AI-based Interaction Interface


  • Integrated monitoring
  • Integrated UI
  • Energy optimization
  • Resource management/optimization

Data, UI Integration


  • Electricity/lighting
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Access control/Parking/Security
  • Fire fighting/Leaks/Sensor, etc.

Collect Metric data

Infrastructure Equipment

Collect Metric data


  • NMS
    • SNMP Traffic Monitoring ( L2 Traffic)
    • SYSLOG Monitoring
    • Service performance Monitoring (Ping, Traceroute, nslookup, curl etc.)
    • Packet Analysis/monitoring ( L3,L4 and L7 Traffic)

Collect Metric data

Network Equipment

Technical Leadership

State-of-the-art equipment and systems of SEOUL#3 DC designed to meet customer's various needs and to ensure reliability

  • 01 Stability

    No raised Floor
    Enable to stand highly integrated rack
    high load floor
    redundant power supply & floor-based UPS

  • 02 PUE 1.3

    Side flow scheme Air Cooing System
    Hot aisle Containment

  • 03 Lay out Free

    Width-adjustable rack
    Grid ceiling

Service Characteristics

  • AI Monitoring You will experience the world's top-notch DC integrated analysis solution.

  • PUE 1.3 We seek to minimize our
    customer’s operating cost.

  • Lay out Free We are ready to respond to
    any layout requests of our customers.

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